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Yabby (Freshwater Crayfish)

Again like the ‘Male Box’ this is fabricated and not forged, but I was pretty happy how it turned out. This I made for my eldest daughter, as an under-water theme lamp. The hollow log has a light in the bottom, shining up and the light reflects down from the ‘Lilly pads’. The Lilly pads and the Yabby are made from thin sheet metal, cut from an old sign and oxy welded together.

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G'day Fellas, yes, a couple of buckets full of the real ones make numba wun wulitch (a good feed)

Bugger! Yer right Big Gun, I DID forge some of it, legs and mouth bits.....

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Mitch, thankyou and yes, she does love the lamp.
Colleen, Beth, Ta, that's praise indeed coming from artist blacksmiths!
Gibbo, as soon as I saw 'Gibbo" I thought 'That's gotta be an Aussie'. and I got a cack outa your comment - "I'd eat it" Mate, the height of compliments...

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Thanks John, but the dragonfly ended up on a mirror frame for one of the younger kids :P

Bully, yeah you can Mate. Just need some thin metal, a set of snips, (left, right, straight) a dead yabby (easier to work with), some paper , scissors and a pencil. Oh, and an oxy acetylene set-up with a really fine tip.....oh, and some really thin welding wire........

How it came about was, I had a bunch (of Yabbys) in the freezer ready for the next time we wanted some cooked and it was about September or October and Christmas had just started to poke it's head over the horizon and we wern't that financial that year, Sooooo..I called the kids and said "No bought presents this year, we all need to MAKE things for each other"
The younger girls got Ironwood framed mirrors with metal vines to hang bits and pieces from (necklaces, broches, etc) and one had a Dragonfly and the other a Butterfly, with metal fine-mesh wings to put ear-rings on. The second eldest and her husband were keen on fishing, so they got a full sized (1m +) Barramundi to wall mount, made of metal and timber, with the metal parts made the same way as the Yabby....which brings me back to the Yabby
What I did Bully, was wrap paper over sections of the critter abd draw around those bits onto the paper, then cut out that template and copy it onto the tin, cut out the tin and bend, twist, heat, hammer, shape it 'til it looked like the bit on the Yabby. When I had all the body bits made, I Oxy welded it all together. The rest, legs, eyes, mouth parts, feelers, etc I copied from sight and shaped so it suited the piece of wood it would all hang on.

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...and this is the 'Barra' No. 2 daughter got for Christmas. Next time I won't 'Gape' it quite so much....


and as you can see (or squint) I haven't yet got the hang of adding photos to an ongoing post...perhaps someone will take pity and explain in REALLY EASY to understand steps, how to do it on this site. (Like a lot on here, there was no such thing as a PC when I was younger)

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Phil, yup, it is and thanks much, I appreciate your comments...

Thankyou Bentiron, I was trying for a 'real' look..

G'day Andrew, "you really have talent". Maaaaayte, coming from you, I'll take that as a major compliment, thanks :D. Phil had it right, Red Claw Cherax quadricarinatus, the tropical variety of your beasties down there....wotz next?...Who knows? I'm getting into this forging stuff at the moment, so...maybe a solid one???

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