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A twisted practice

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My coal rake/spoon/thingy was a sad affair, made from a bit of scrap thin strip, hammered into a rod, with a point at one end and a bend at the other. Ugly to look at, but totally functional, except it was too xxxx short and my fingers would more often than not get singed when piling up the coals.

So, I took some 10mm square bar, a bit of 10mm round and some thin reo bar and decided to make another and practice making some twists at the same time.

From the hook down;

-A basket twist of nine rods (thin reo wrapped and welded around 10mm round)

-below the basket is just a join between the round and square stock. I split the end of the square and tapered out each split piece and then formed a ‘T’ and welded the round, forming a + before wrapping the tapers around the join

-under the join I had a go at a Pineapple or Diamond twist and;

-beneath that is a reverse twist.

-then I put in an un-even twist (hotter at one end than the other),

-before doing a braid twist (out of reo bar and then welded in line)

-and finally, above the spoon end, another Pineapple twist, but without cutting the lines into the stock.

It’s a bit long, but was fun to do and I was really chuffed at how my first try at a basket twist turned out.


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Making your tools "fancy" can be handy when a possible customer comes along and you don't have anything to display. The tyrannosaurus wrench for my propane forge and the dragon headed ash dump for my coal forge means there is always something fancier to show off than the tent stake I may be working on.

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