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Bradley Helve Hammer 100 Lbs

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I'm currently restoring a Bradley Cushioned Hammer at the Hesston Steam Museum out in LaPorte, Indiana. Our Bradley was donated to the museum back in 1974 from the South Shore Railroad shops (Michigan City). This Bradley 100 Lbs hammer had sat our museum as of Memorial Day weekend when it was relocated to our Blacksmith shop. It's all torn down waiting for Babbitt and beam. The beam was cut out on our saw mill that weekend.

What I need is some info on where to get new rubber cushions recasted. Our upper cushioned are intact, but the lower ones are shot. Has any one out here had any rubber cushions recasted? If so, can some one forward me what I need to know and were I can get new ones made.

I can be contacted either Facebook-"Blacksmith-Baltic Forge" or email: balticforge@aol.com.
Thanks so much for the good info on the web site here and you help.

Kindest Regards,
Brian Skrabutens-Blacksmith
Hesston Steam Museum




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Hi Brian - I finally responded to your PM. Sorry it took so long!

From what I've been told, you should separate the anvil from the body of the hammer any time you move it - the mass and weight is apparently responsible for breaking the castings of the body on all too many occasions. HOLY COW does it look great all primer-ed up!

What did you use to remove the helve husk assembly? That's one of the sticking points I've got although I'm going to guess you've got access to all sorts of heavy equipment at the museum...

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