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Some kind of Whattzit? and What does it do?

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I picked this up the other day, and have no idea what it is. It looks like something for use with a piece of machinery, but my knowledge on machines is limited.

The top section is shaped like a 'C' and will swing either way by adjusting the stops on the side, and swinging the little handle on the front. The clamp part has a brass end on screw part. It is heavy, about 18" long and weighs several pounds. The only marking I could find is "KG22" imprinted under the swing handle. It also can be adjusted for position as there is set screws and a dovetail between the top part and the clamp part.

Anyone have any clue?




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It looks like a metal bending break. You'd attach the screw clamp to something solid, put the piece of sheet metal in the trough, tighten down the top, and bend it to the angle you need..

But then it might just be a piece of junk, that I'd be happy to take off your hands. ;)


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Hard to tell for certain from the photo what the thing sticking out from the centre of the rotating arm is, BUT if conceiveably it could be a cutting tool, this could be a ball turning attachment for a round bed lathe like the Drummond:

Drummond Lathes

The clamp would hold the attachment on the bed with the 'tool' at approximately centre height, and the handle would rotate the tool in an arc whose radius is set by the tool projection. It doesn't matter in which plane the tool turns relative to the stock, it will describe a circle that will form a hemispere on the end of the work


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I am not trying to be a smart xxx, but if you don't know what it is, why did you buy (or borrow, or steal or whatever) it? I also have a weakness for gadgets but I limit my purchases to stuff I can use or at least appreciate. I am not sure I can appreciate something whose function remains a mystery. Unless of course, you can forge it into something else... :-)

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No offense taken. I meant to include how I got it in my post. I was at an auction with LOTS of tools. A lot came up that had several pieces in it. There was a bench arbor, with grease fittings, that will make a nice grinder setup someday. There was another arbor type thing, with double pulleys on it. Don't have any idea what it is for either. And several other pieces of equipment I can make into useful things in the shop.

Why did I buy this stuff? It was cheap, I had some extra cash, and no one else bid on it.

Same auction, I picked up a Champion Post drill. Paid (a little) more for it than the metal junk lot. Go figure.

I guess I'm a sucker for a bargain!!

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I tend to agree with awmawson it looks like another take on a radius cutter for like he said a round bed lathe or to clamp onto a boring bar, a speciallly made round tool post, or even the tailstock barrel to acheive an internal or external radius where you need it there are as many applications as there are imaginations out there


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