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I Forge Iron

Now I got my PW anvil home, how old is it? with pics

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I had a few minutes once I got home to put some WD40 and a wire brush on the side to get a better peek at the stampings.

It's not that I think it is too beat up, but I can't make out PETER. Maybe just that old?
I can faintly see WRIGHT and PATENT under that.
I don't see ENGLAND anywhere. I can make out the SOLID WROUGHT circle stamp, which is above the weight stamp of 1-1-26 or 1-1-20.

There's some stamps on the end of the base, but haven't had time to look too much at that.
If I can strip that streak of paint off the side, that might help too.
Tough to get a good camera shot. Picking up the side shadows seems to reveal the most in person.




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Try rubbing it with chalk then wiping it off with a light touch. Another technique is to have the light at an oblique angle, almost parallel to the surface being photographed. Taking a rubbing should work if there's any definition. The yellow stripe is nothing but in the way.

Looks good, overall pics would be nice.

Frosty The Lucky.

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