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Help with Anvil Price

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Buddy of mine ran across this 110 pound Fisher at an antique mall. He said they are asking $380 for it with the stand. Is that reasonable? I know Fishers bring some good $$, but that's still more than $3 a pound. Even if you subtract $80 for the stand, that's still $2.73. The face is in excellent shape he said. Based on what I've read here, that still seems kinda high. What do you think? Are Fishers worth that?


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Run, don't walk, that's a very good deal!

Realize that you're getting a top-quality anvil that is in As-New condition and a very good, very stout stand. The stand looks to be solidly built, with good welds, and would cost you over $100 to have similar built for you.

Fisher anvils are first rate anvils. To find one that looks like it just came off the showroom floor, with the edges still pristine, doesn't happen often. Coming in at 110# might seem a bit light, but it's all the anvil you will ever need for 99% of what you might want to do; and it's still small enough to move with relative ease. That's a really big plus!

Because the anvil is bolted firmly to the stand, the weight of the stand will contribute to the performance of the anvil. Expect that 110# anvil to perform like a 150-pounder, or better. Fisher anvils are notorious for being very quiet, not having the church bell ring common to most anvils. This will keep your ears happy, as well as the neighbor's ears.

And if all that wasn't enough, I just saw another Fisher anvil go for $500... and it was worn, rusty and didn't have a stand!

Or, you could tell me where it is so I can go get it!

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Oh yeah, that's worth it. It's in terrific condition and Fishers are quiet that's really important, your ears are worth a lot. Make a counter offer and ask for any other tools near it as part of the deal. Can't hurt to ask.

Frosty The Lucky.

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That's rather top dollar; but for an anvil in top condition with a stand. Do you need an anvil in top condition? Do you have the cash to hand?

*Bargain* most dealers have a built in cushion and will haggle. Note that sometimes it's a better deal to add in more stuff than to reduce the price---or some mix of the two. A dealer might be happier to move the stuff out of their shop to give room for other stuff.

However sometimes a deal cannot be made. Walking away is NOT a sign of failure!

Note that anvil prices can vary as much as 50% by location and you have not told us where you are!

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