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Guest EMKnives

After going through two tanks of Mapp gas and realizing propane wasn't quite hot enough to get my metal up to temp for forging, I shelved the paint can forge and made a new one! It is made from one of my spare 20lb propane tanks with 2inches of #8 durablanket and 1 inch durablanket runner on the bottom so it doesn't transfer heat to w/e surface I have it resting on. Gave the bottom a thick coat of Satanite and a thinner coating on the top. Borrowed a friends welder for the hinge, feet and door lock... cost me a 12 pack of Sam Adams and a few wise cracks about my welds, so I can't complain. Ordered the burners and propane hose / regulator from the nice people at Mojave Southern Machine Works ( http://www.msmw.com/Blacksmith.html ).

Did a test run with one burner last night as I'm still waiting on some brass to come in, but seems to be working well enough. Got a piece of 1/8 flat bar up to temperature much quicker than the paint can ever could.

I've read that the insulation needs to be encapsulated to keep those nasty free silicates out of my lungs, but I was wondering how good does this need to be. The forge chamber is coated well enough as far as I can tell, but the area where i put the burners might need a bit more. I have yet to put any on the inside wall of the burner hole and might need to add a little more around the end of the burner flare... or is it good enough as is ?














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