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I Forge Iron


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I could not find mention of blacksmiths on this but when I clicked the bar that said plates by French tittle it moved things around and threw up forge with a load of plates starting with mining

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Well, I skimmed through most of it in a hurry, but here's where I found items that might interest this group (hope this helps):

under the "F" section, are plates for Farriers that shows the equipment used, as well as several interesting sections on Forging and the art of iron,
under N for natural history, there is a section entitled Mineralogy and Metallurgy there is processing of copper and gold (mostly refining related),
under C there is chainmaker, and coppersmithing,
Under G is goldsmith, goldbeater (interesting name), and gunsmith (which only shows armor, swords, maces, pikes and spears, Under H is Heavy Nail Making,
Under L is Locksmith (inlcudes balcony, balustrades, overdoor parts, nails, and other nice architectural iron,
M has Metal Jewelry Goldsmithing,
under O is Ornamental Metalwork and Damasking,
P is for Pewterer, Pin Making, and Pinmaker, R has rope making (kinda interesting),
S is for sculpture, silversmith, and spirit distillation (if interested),
T is for Tinplate (great views of the stakes), Toolmaker (nice section showing various tools, including how to make anvils), and The Manufacture of VIses is also under T and shows how to make post vises,
and lastly under W is Wheelwright that shows tools, forge, anvils, vises, etc.

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