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Decent price? 5" jaw, 40" long $100


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Does $100 look like a decent price for this vise to you? I'm not sure what they typically sell for. It's probably 40 miles away...

Seller says it has 5" jaw and is 40" long and in good condition.

Thanks in advance for any opinions...


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Well, I went and bought the vise.

The screw looked good; I think it has an Acme thread and looks to be in very good shape. The "screwbox" looks to be essentially a round threaded pipe. I couldn't see inside it very well, but I can't see any cracks on the sides of it.

This morning, I pulled the screw all the way out of the screwbox and gave it a good coating of Molykote (molybdenum disulfide paste). I can't wait to use it!

Thanks again for for all of your advice.

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