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My "new to me" Vintage Dual Spindle Drill Press

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I'm going to call him "Big Bird" (for obvious reasons). This thing is a beast!!! I bought this old WORKING drill press for a song and a dance ($75) and they even loaded it for me!!

Obviously it is a dual spindle press, all cast iron, 110 volts, the table and the spindle heads are on male/female dove-tails (never saw that before but they move really smooth). The motor is an older Baldor but I can't find a make on the drill press itself. Anyone have an idea?

The motor mount and pulley configuration is not original and I was hoping someone could find a picture or let me know how the motor was originally mounted. There are T-slots on the left side that are not being used. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Please enjoy ---- I know I will!!!!


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Good score! Looks like you'll be set for some production work in no time. You may have to strip the paint to get to a name but maybe not even. Lots of equipment had name plates and those often get lost, however they almost always have a patent number on them somewhere so stripping the paint and going over it carefully may be what you have to do if it's pedigree is important enough to you. Of course it may be something build in shop, unlikely but possible if it was a big enough shop.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Pilot holes are exactly what I thought about but I forgot about countersinks. Great idea!!
I found the company name and a little more info on the drive setup too. It’s made by Leland-Gifford out of Worchester Mass.
This is what the name tag should have looked like.
Off of the same drill is a nifty (but not original way of running the pulleys and belt.
But here I found a picture of a press with the original drive setup. Pretty interesting.
post-15181-0-78025400-1338485383_thumb.j post-15181-0-38753600-1338485409_thumb.j

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Thank you, thank you. I started cleaning it up yesterday. WOW this thing is dirty!!

I'd like to take a vote. Should I strip the paint or not?

I know I need disassemble the spindles because they could use a good thorough cleaning and lubing. And I think I want to set-up a new drive config. Right now the two spindles move at the same RPM and run at the same time. I’d like to set something up so I can power only one spindle at a time. This may involve two motors and two switches. My main reason for this idea is so I can run them at two different RPM and also not have to worry about getting a sleeve caught in the spindle not in use. Thoughts?

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Yes, two motor, one for each spindle would be he way to go. Maybe move the existing motor setup to one side and add the second one upside down, as direct drive without the jackshaft, that way you would have more speed variation between the two spindles I would not strip the paint- you already named your baby and think of the emotional trauma associated with a name change :P .

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I would not strip the paint- you already named your baby and think of the emotional trauma associated with a name change :P .

Thanks everyone for the advice!
I don't think i will strip the paint. Like r smith said, i already named my baby, so there is that emotional attachment there. HAHA
Anyway, im on the hunt for another 110v motor. Maybe one that is reversable. That way i can tap with ease.
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