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I Forge Iron

April Meeting

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Location: Lexington Virginia "Brown's Forge Living History Museum" 130 S. Randolph Street.
Time: 10am-3pm
Date: April 21st

Demonstrator: Jack Chaffee runs the place and will be showing us everything from the flat belt run machine shop to telling us stories on the forge(has been running since the mid 1850's and shod horses for Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson). Jack is also going to light the forge and play around some. He said he will do some forge welding.

Lunch: Bring Your Own, or find a greasy spoon. There are several places to eat there.

Reminders: Please consider bringing something for Iron In The Hat!

Parking: There is a parking lot beside the building, so there is pleanty of parking for everyone.

Hope to see ya'll there!

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Wow! Both General Lee and General Jackson had their horses shod at this smithy? Very immpressive history for a forge to have. A historical tidbit- I know that General Lee's horse which he rode throughout the war for southern independence was named "Traveler", a beautiful white steed depicted in many paintings from that time. A bit of trivia- Does anyone know what the name of General Jackson's horse was? I do not know the answer. Dan:)

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