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Greetings from Va


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Just to introduce myself to ya all, the name is Bobby Magarity and am from Sterling, VA. I guess you can say that I'm the 99% of the male population who is excited about blacksmithing due to renfaires and Sca event's, but after studying a few black smith books I've really taken a deep interest for the profession. Growing up I've always had mentors who were praticing some kind of smithing, whether it be with leather or silver, it all required a certian ammount of level headness and flow that just made it irristable to me. For now I'm eyeing materials to create my own forge, but before I dream of hitting that anvil I've made an effort to read into some books to get a better idea of what to expect and how to get started on tecnique.I guess overall I wish to enjoy performing something that I have great respect for and that I'm completely in awe of.

As for my everyday life, I'm Married for soon to be 2 yrs. Am about to have my 2nd child at the end of this year, gender still is a mystery to us, but we're glad in our first born baby girl. My small family has been greatly taken with period events such as Md. Renfaire, Potomac Celtic Festival and SCA. AS I noted in my profile I've always been good working with my hands whether it be landscaping,tailoring,carpentry,playing music or massaging. I guess that's it in a nutshell or more :-) Pleasure to be a part of this this group.

-Bobby A.K.A. Hoary

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Welcome Hoary
You might want to check out the blacksmith guild of the potomac ( i believe they would be the closest
Then theres the old dominion blacksmith association, the central virginia blacksmith guild,and the blacksmith guild of virginia.
Lots of help here also - just ask ( if we dont know the answer we'll make something up )

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While you are looking for your forge, you may want to look at the following Blueprints.

BP0238 A simple side blast 55 Forge
BP0133 The now famous 55 Forge

Both will get you started for little or no cost, burn solid fuel (coal) and if you study the Blueprints can make one forge work both ways. That way you can try both bottom blown and side blown styles to see which you like best.

Welcome to the site.

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