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Working on some damascus kitchen knives


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Hello everyone, first post from me in this forum. I am a Swedish guy trying to forge some damascus for blades. I have been doing blacksmithing for 7 years now but only in my spare time, so not so many hours behind the anvil. My goal is to make functional nice looking blades and completing my dream: making a good looking, functional knife from scratch. I am not there yet, I am a little bit of a perfectionist so I have a hard time completing stuff. But here is my latest project, kitchen knifes in damascus steel that I have made myself. No twisted stuff, only straight, First one is about 100 layers, the second is less than 60.

Realized that kitchen knives are really something that is both useful and really nice to have when a friend has made them, so I am doing 4 or 5 knives for my best friends. In that way I can test the design, the function and also durability. It is going to be really interesting.

Next time I will forge the bars a lot thinner, the second knife was about 7-8 mm thick... I did a lot of grinding today... Sad to see so much damascus go to dust. Next time I will forge it more to loose less steel... The knives are ground on a 60 grit belt grinder, one side was done with 320 grit. So I need to do some more grinding before they are finished.

They are not fully flat, they are a bit curved, I am thinking that it will prevent potatoes and stuff sticking to the blade.

But I am happy with the result, just a quick etch in Spirit Vinegar. I was a bit too curious to wait.

Here is the progress:








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I'm reminded of the old saying, "If a fine blade you would win, forge thick and grind thin."

Of course the better we get as smiths, the less we have to grind.

Your knives are looking good! Now the hard work begins. The last 10% takes the most time and care in my opinion.

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Great work,,does not look at all like a start on damascus,,I would have guessed you have done a whole lot of them. If you have not thought ot it already remember to seal around the guard soe that moisture cannot get between it and the blade and cause corrosion.

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I have done approx 7-8 billets so far, so this is not the first billets. I have two more pieces that I am to forge into kitchen blades and then grind them. The others are from a failed attempt on explosion pattern. So they will look kinda strange I think. :)

The tip to seal up the guard is something I will remember, that is quite important so no rust will start developing inside the handle.

And yes, now the hard work begins. :)


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