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I Forge Iron

Some work i've done so far.


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Hi All. Just thought i'd put a few photos of some work i've done since i started smithing last Nov. Having set up my forge and have a good few tools made i have started designing stuff with a view to selling ( these prototypes will decorate my house. The hanging basket bracket and the towel rack are my design, the towel rack is my most recent project. The rest are from courses i have done. Still all my own work.

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Having more variety of produce is good, more likely to have something someone is looking for or likes. Nicely done, you are going to make a fine blacksmith so long as you develop a proper size resource pile. A smith can't have to much iron in the yard you know. <grin<

Frosty The Lucky.

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Neat stuff, I wish all my round tapers looked so clean!
Something I noticed were the screws. Since you're selling stuff.. and just starting out. You may not find it economical to make nails. I've made them but while some folks crank them out like candies falling from a vending machine for 25 cents. I don't feel a need to include them unless someone request them specifically. I've got a few 5 gallon buckets of old nails from over the years. More than a few dollars worth of metal that could be arrow heads if hand forged. I simply put them in the vice and peen them about for a nice texture that looks really cool to me. That said screws hold much better. I just like tossing them in because they've been paid for by other jobs and I'm only looking to make enough money to keep on forging.

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