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Anvil ID help

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I am hoping someone can help my identify this anvil. I purchased it off a guy who told me it was a chain makers anvil but after a little research I believe its a coach/carriage makers anvils, is this correct? Other than that I don't know anything about it, it has the numbers 1 3 and a small on on side.

Any help would be much appreciated

Thx post-25271-0-89031000-1335295193_thumb.jpost-25271-0-06704500-1335295238_thumb.jpost-25271-0-71114000-1335295282_thumb.j

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Your anvil looks very close to the picture of a coachmaker's anvil shown on page 24 of Anvils In America. The numbers on the side look like the may be 1 3 8, with the top of the 8 worn away. If this is the case, it should weigh in at about 204 pounds. if the third number is indeed a 0, it should weigh in at 196 pounds. Anvils In America says this is an "Old English Coachmaker's anvil". Hope this helps. Let us know what the weight is on a bathroom scales. :)

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Ha no Bentiron no worries there, all it got was a wire brush and a light coat of oil! Taking a grinder to it would be the last thing id do and even then I wouldn't! As an update I have been told its British but not Peter Wright or Mousehole and dates at 1840-1860? Oh and that the notcth under the Hardy hole is unusual in a British anvil. I know Im probably grasping at straws her trying to find this info but I like to know history/heritage/lineage of all my things.

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