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I Forge Iron

Paleolithic DIE, a Brut De Forge knife.


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A friend explained his Paleolithic Diet to me. It’s based on the Paleolithic period and how people lived. It also made me wonder about the other side of the coin. How Paleolithic people died. That inspired me to create this. Unlike my last blade, it is not smooth and refined. The handle is layered with jute rope that I hand spun specific to the task. The blade has been finished as a “Brut De Forge”, and honed to fine edge. Its not a razor edge because I can’t shave my arm with it. I’m still practicing how to sharpen correctly with a sharpening block.


Overall Length: 8.75 inches
Blade Length: 4.75 inches
Blade Width: 1.25 inches

All constructive criticism is welcome, thank you.

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Paleolithic, shouldn't it be a stone blade? I haven't met many folk on a paleolithic diet who know what period they're trying to emulate and so get it WAY wrong. Paleolithic folk ate mostly meat, and grains and roots when available and lastly fruits, mostly berries in season. The "healthy" stuff wasn't much of a percentage at all, less than 10-15% over a lifetime. Bone analysis can show very clearly what diets were in various stages of life.

Of course my opinion here is from my battered memory so if I'm wrong, sokay I'm used to it.

As to the blade, not bad RR spike blade and I do like the wrapped handle. Otherwise I'm not so keen about Spike blades.

Frosty The Lucky.

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The last television special about Utsi, the Stone Age mummy found in the Alps 20 years ago and thought to be 5,000 years old, revealed upon autopsy that he was in his 40's and suffered from early stages of arteriosclerosis - so it would seem our "modern" ailments have been around a long time. His last meal was a hearty stew from mountain sheep and grain. He was also carrying a metal axe (copper if I remember correctly) so some metals were available.

It was also shown that he was murdered by an arrow in the back...maybe a Cain and Abel story?

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Interesting thread - IMHO seems to me that eating like a paleolithic fellow might be fun for a while, but I submit that there is a reason that as many as could moved into a village/town, not the least of which was more ways to get extra clamshells for foods and meade :blink:

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The last modification I may make is an idea I am taking from Stormcrow, I may paint the rope with shellac to seal it in. I am glad my blade has garnered so much attention! I don’t claim for it to be historically accurate, just fun! Thanks for the feedback

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