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Here is my forge shown in the old building, and a view of the new shop with all three in place forges made from either 3/8 or 1/2 inch plate hoods made from 3/16 plate The big one is mine and the

I had it laser cut...(on my laser)....

This is the front of the forge now...I forgot to include it in the previous post. Steve

Posted Images

This is the forge I have for the time being. The fire pot is one of those outdoor fire pit deals that belongs to my parents. This entire setup was free to me. The firebrick that lines the bottom of the pit is out of a steam locomotive, they were the broken ones that had to be thrown out. The blast pipe is a boiler flu tube out of another locomotive. The anvil is a 93 pound Peter Wright that came from the railroad I volunteer at, it was free as well.

I've used this setup a few times and it works very well at heating, the only drawback is I can't work the middle of a piece because of how low the fire sits in the pot. I have a plan for another one built out of a 55 gallon barrel and I'm hoping to have it finished in another month or so. As you can tell from the pictures, I haven't worked at the forge for over 6 months and it has been very wet this winter so haven't been able to rake either.

Edit: Forgot to mention the coal is free as well. ;)



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The "clean" forge just after the build. 40 lb fire pot, 4' x 6' steel deck with a fabricated side draft hood, 10 in pipe, 3 elbows (transitions) and an exterior stack. Works great in all weather conditions.

sorry but I could not get any of my photos to work.

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This is my forge, its a little rusty but it gets the job done. Still needs a fire pot (I am using a piece of enameled steel and some clay for one at the moment.) and a hood, but since the forge is being used outside the hood is not that necessary in my opinion. I got it from the Windmill Ranch in Stockton Ca. along with everything you see here.


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Well here's a pic of my forging area + welding table 8' sq lol can you tell :wacko: I am redoing / make over time on the portable forge now on the table, it will have more Bells & Whistles when do its more or less like the shop forge just smaller and come apart for packing post-562-0-84281500-1337436674_thumb.jpgpost-562-0-28435800-1337436877_thumb.jpg

now to see if this works ? sorry if pic are to Lg

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I bought a Boynton & Plummer "lawn ornament" coal forge a while back from a fellow who had bought it because he thaught it would make a nice lawn ornament and plant stand. The condition of it when it was holding plants would give the impression that it was just worthless antique "scrap". I fabercated new legs, replaced all the bolts, tried to use the original square nuts when salvagable, or from the scatterted spares from the shop. I had to make new I bolts and connecting rod, and found a use for that broken shovel handle ;) all thats left is to find leather strap and a drive belt and it will be ready to heat. I figure old harness reins would work the best and cheapest ;)
I haven't found much information on these lever crank types let alone of this brand. Anybody know much about them? i did see one on here that was lever opperated and thank God there was imput on how it was put togehter, it really helped figurering this one out.


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Well, you DID ask....

it's a bits and pieces unit for sure, but Hey! it works!

It's made from scrap stuff from the 'dry dump' out the back. The fire pot in the bottom is about about half inch thick-walled bowl that came off a piece of machinery, old road roller I think and I welded it to the hex paver form and drilled holes in it and weded the plumbing on below

pretty self-explanatory, and the Pièce de résistance IS (drumroll.............................................................long drumroll.......) the blower!

again, pretty self-explanatory, an old air-con with the cooling bits stripped off, re-arranged a bit and a transition from rectangle to 2" round made out of thin gal and finally a length of flexi exhaust pipe and we're in business! Works like a charm....and quiet.
I'd read on many sites "..no you can't use a squirrel fan on a forge, you won't get enough air pressure, etc, etc...." and I find that's fairly true if one is using coal. However when using my own-made Ironwood charcoal, well, she's a ripper. I can (and do, inadvertently) melt steel in this set-up

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This is my current set-up:
It's not ideal, but does the trick. I'm starting to build a small shop, which I hope to find time to complete in the fall.

My forge stays outside, everything else gets dragged in and out of the garage. This forge did come with a hand-cranked blower, which I'm going to rebuild. I'm currently using an electric blower - the arm where the hand-cranked blower would normally attach has a switch for the electric blower on it.

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Here is my Champion #83 boiler makers forge during its first use after I restored the champion 400 blower and clutch system and well as cleaning it out. I saved it from the continued fate of being a bird feeder. It however does not have a fire pot but even without that I can forge weld surprisingly well in it. The image is of it's first fire before I finished my shop.

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