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fire pan for rivet forge dimensions please

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Hi Everyone
New to the forum and to knife making , am based in Cape Town South Africa . I have a hand blower from a REPCO WISPECO WHIRLWIND but the fire pan is rusted through and was thrown away before i go it . I want to start making knives , can some one give me an idea on dimentions for a pan - DIA,DEPTH etc or piont me to a link that can be of use .
many thanks Mark

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Welcome aboard Mark, glad to have you.

A forge is a fire holder so nothing is written in stone as to size and shape of the pan/table/etc. What's important is it is adequate to do the work you need it to. A little bigger is almost always a good bet, I like my coal forge pretty large and I don't do large work in it.

Do you have a fire pot? What type is the air grate and tuyere? My preference is a duck's nest which is a smallish depression around the air grate in a fire proof table. My table is hard fire brick and the duck's nest is fire clay and sand. When I need a different size or shape fire I use fire brick arranged as needed around the air grate. On the down side it's far from easily portable.

A rivet forge is usually around 24"-30" diameter with a rim in the 1 1/2" - 2" or more range. A garbage can lid works well but you need to shield it from much heat or the galvy will burn off to bad experiences if you breath the smoke. A wood table covered with packed clay is an old time favorite as a hole in the ground. Make sure it's NOT organic soil.

Glenn's 55 forge is an excellent design for the do it your selfer and not too hard to make with few special tools necessary. A good bet is taking a look around IFI, there are pics of LOTS of different forges and most everybody is more than happy to help you "steal" their designs, ideas, etc.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Welcome to the forum from 7500' in SE Wyoming.  Glad to have you.

You will need to give us more details, photos are good.  There are lots of forges and firepots and they are not interchangable.  I am assuming that you have the forge body/pan but a hole where the firepot goes.  Correct?

Do you have a blower?

If you put your general location in your profile it will help with getting helpful answers.  Many issues are dependent on geography.  This is a worldwide forum.  We don't know if you are in Lapland or Tasmania.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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I've seen ones made with a cast iron skillet before.  My firepot is from a 1930's Banjo rear end axle cover, bought two (US$3) that had been made into jackstands and converted the first one into my firepot, got the second one as backup; but I've been using the first for 30+ years now with minimal evidence of wear so it will probably outlast  me.

If you are in the USA; which of the half dozen blacksmith supply places here in the USA have you checked for what you need?

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