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Portable gas forge from an old ammo box-- feasible?


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post-25142-0-03495000-1334520116_thumb.jHello all,

I've been lurking in the background for a while, learning what I can here and there, finding answers without having to be That Guy, asking something that's been repeatedly asked ad nauseum. I haven't found all that much related to square forges, though... I have an ammo can(looks to me to be about the right size for the M249 200rd boxes, for anyone who would care), got a T-Rex burner from Rex Price over at hybridburners.com, and I've got a 2' square of Kaowool & some ITC-100. The question I have now is where to cut a hole to mount the burner, and what angle to have the flame point inside the box. My best guess is to mount it essentially horizontally, angled about 45 degrees towards the back, as pictured. Or, I suppose the question might be whether it's worth monkeying around with it at all. Thoughts/comments?
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Hi I hope I'm not too late; I've had a chance to use some of the forges made by Eric the good fellow behind forgemonkeys.com. I haven't really used a lot of gas forges personally but I really liked using the ammo box forges he's made. I've had a good look at them in person, studied them a bit and even watched him work on making one. I'd be happy to answer any questions I can or pass them on to Eric next time I see him. He's a nice guy who's been very helpful to me so I'm rather sure he won't mind me tossing him with a few other questions in between my own. =P

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Welcome aboard Kazrix glad to have you. Sure an ammo can will make a forge, anything that'll hold the heat will. The only real change I'd make in your proposed design is to position the burner at less an angle. I'd aim it near the top center of the far wall, too much angle and it'll draw air in the front and cause oxidization of your iron/steel.

The Forgemonkey's design looks good, I have nothing to add or detract.

Another good option for a forge body is a length of stainless steel stove pipe. It can be worked with simple tools, tin snips, drill and pop rivets. What I like about stainless is it's more reflective of IR than mild steel so more heat stays inside the forge.

Frosty The Lucky.

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