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Forged Lamp.


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how about details on how it was forged

Thanks. Used 40X40X2 square tubing filled with fine plaster sand and welded the ends closed. This stops the tubing from folding in on itself, but sand expands with heat and no matter how dry the sand there is always some moisture. So when it starts going red you will see the tube expanding, this is when I use a sharp pointed chisel to puncture the end and release the pressure - wear PPE!! I then weld the hole shut and forge. As you draw it out over the anvil you will find the sand pushes to either end and the tubing starts expanding again - puncture another hole and let some sand out (very little), weld closed and forge again - as simple as that.
I then cut the ends open and forge over the horn to spread the base and form the petals. Red hot sand is like napalm so be careful - it sticks to whatever it touches.
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I forge tubing fairly often and would suggest that the sand is not needed. Just heat and forge away! The idea that the tube will collapse is imaginary! It will forge much like sold stock except faster and the tubes will not expand in length nearly as much as solid stock because the displaced material thickens the tube walls instead of extruding out to lengthen the workpiece. I am not guessing I have done this quite often! Bending the tube is a different story and there the sand trick can be useful sometimes... but gentle bends developed while forging are not a problem. As the tube walls get thicker and the hollow center shrinks the tube will begin to respond more like solid stock... at this stage it also bends more like solid stock would.

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