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Vice tong tool stand

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Here is a stand I fabricated up tonight, wanted to put my new to me welder through it's paces, and get more stick practice in. Came out good, I like it and there's lots more room for tongs now, plus some lower storage. Stick looks like poo but sure is strong! Also shown is my vise shock absorber.









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Thanks Sam

I must have missed school the day they taught about installing shock absorbers on the post vice leg.
You must like it or you would not use it.
Now ya got me thinking!!! :rolleyes: :unsure: :blink: :huh: :D MUmmmmmmmmmmm! I got an idea!!!
Thanks again Sam!

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Thank you Ted!

I was kinda kidding about the shock absorber, but I do want to try it.

I didn't realize that was a joke, you should try it sometime and see how it works out. I cut my leg short like Brian's (not quite as much, the top of the jaws are at 30"), and welded the leg to a piece of 7/8" flat bar. The bar is bolted to the slab, with 1/4" piece of rubber between the steel and concrete for a shock absorber. The main plate under the vise stand has the same thing under it. Works well. Picture and description here:
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I like to have my tongs a bit higher---makes it easier to grab them by the *cold* end; but would interfere with the stuff in your vise or table top.

I have a traveling forge that has pipe legs that fit inside slightly larger pipes welded to the forge table with washers welded on top as a stop. I made a tong and hammer holder by bending a bow of 3/8" round stock with legs bent down that fit into the holes in the washers and down inside the pipes---easy to remove and so makes the forge table easier to pack too. Since I am a smith I also bent loops in the bow to hold hammers. My first smaller one worked so well I made a larger and "loopier" one and can use both of them by putting the smaller one on the end the blower attaches too.

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you can use 7018 on ac or dc. it also gives you more structure. you do have prep alittle more but when welding when is there not a grinder or wire brush around. another great rod to have is 6022. it burns alittle hotter for a 60 series rod but runs more like 7018. is great for welding decking.

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