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heres one i havent seen before..help with ID??

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just picked it up today....154 lbs ...has been weld repaired but not great and looks like its missing a bit of the horn. looks like its cast and if it has a tool steel top plate then its worn down to a 1/4" thick or less. looks more mushroomed on the edges than anything. ive never seen the underside of a heel quite like this one....any ideas?

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Yeah, it does look like it is cast but cast what. iron or steel? If it rings it is cast steel, it has a dull sound and no ring it is cast iron. That "glob" under the heel is just the an attempt by the foundry that cast it to strengthen it from breaking there, apparently they had a few break on earlier models so added some more metal there. As to the horn it is probably like a Vulcan, never had much of a horn, just short and stubby. I wouldn't spend a lot of time and/or money trying to fix this anvil, just use it as is and be happy with what you have, a beater.

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Its a very early pattern fisher anvil. You can see the silhouette of the eagle on the side.

Tim is correct. It is a 1860's era Fisher with the round Eagle logo. It is missing part of the horn. As for the handling holes, they were cast in to facilitate the grinding that went on in the factory in the finishing process.
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