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I suppose a person could but using a lathe and 4 jaw chuck would be easy. Think of an end mill as a heavy duty drill press that can take side loading against the bit.

Depending on the piece I could probably forge a tennon faster than I could get the stock chucked up but machining would be quick quick.

Frosty The Lucky.

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annular cutters are equipped with a pin in the middle to eject the center slug and are used for cutting holes in plate. An end mill can be used to cut tennons in a few ways.First you could lay your stock horizontally in the vise milling one side of the tennon and then rotating it to the other three sides. You can also stand the stock up in the vise and mill one side at a time. This method limits the legnth of your stock though. Using a mill for this operation will leave a great shoulder and will be most accurate, but will lack the character of a forged piece with a slight upset at the shoulder.


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One can build a vertical fence to mount spindles on the back side of the table.

Mounted in this way an angular cutter would indeed produce a good tennis especially if a two in long cutter were used.

FYI I often use annular cutters to cut holes in a Bridgeport mill.


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