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How much do you pay for coal?

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I pay 9.00 per 50 pound sack of Pennsylvania Smithing Coal, 7.00 per bag for 40# bags of anthracite coal. I use a mixture of the two in my forge. I also by bulk anthracite for home heating and forging at 215.00 per ton. 

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17 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

April 2021 NMABA meeting; Robb was selling 50# sacks of coal for US$15.

That's what Cumberland Elkhorn sells bagged coal for too. I've bought one just to get familiar with using bituminous. I still have a little left. I liked it but it just didn't like my side blast jabod so much. I have all the parts to make a brake rotor forge just not enough time to get around to it. I found a nice big SS prep table to use. Just got to shake off the laziness and the back ache I've had for two months. 


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How much clinker and does it coke into big chunks well?   I've had hot coal that I had to clean out the clinker every 15 minutes and some where I cleaned out the clinker once at the end of the day---guess which I prefer?

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WOW!  I'm getting hosed at $30/ 50 pound bag of coal.

On 5/27/2021 at 5:52 AM, Benjamindshoemaker said:

I just bought some in central Alabama for 10¢ a pound. You have to pickup. Seems to be pretty good.  Smoked when I started it up but after it started burning the coke it was nice clean and hot. 

Where in AL?  I'm in north GA, and been paying over a buck and half per pound.

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