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ringing the anvil for a dead friend


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I rang mine 3 times, along with my brother who also rang it 3 times, and our new brother in law who also added 3 strokes. I thought 3 was sufficient, being one strike for each past present and future. I also think of my dad every time I work, and add a stroke at the end of the day to remember him.

I suggest using a number that has some significance . One stroke per year of life could get to be long with Uncle Herb who lived to 112...

Also it is probably important to suggest not a super hard strike, a good bouncy anvil could send someone to the ER.

I tend to toll my anvil closer to the heel where is "sings", and would probably remove any chain or ring deadening devices for the ceremony.

You have my sympathies,

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well thanks for all the answers, I am going to do a special memorial at our next meet. We have 5 anvil stations set up, so I am going to get 4 others in joining me for simultaneous ringing 12 strokes, which will be 60, the age he passed! And a moment of silence to follow, I believe he would have liked that very much. I believe his son and grandson will be there to witness, I may have the grandson join me in my hammer strokes, we will see. once again, thanks for all the comments, that too Eric would have appreciated.

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We did the ceremony for Eric, 5 people ringing 12 times, here is a pic of the event and one of his grandson ringing while I looked on. Good thing my buddy Dick, (Seldom on this site), took the pic from behind, I was holding in some serious sobs.



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