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A small gas forge in progress - stove pipe forge

Eylem Cengiz

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Hi all,

While I am still preparing for a larger forge, I started thinking that a smaller one may also be practical.

Here, stove pipes are very cheap. I bought a pipe that is 10-12 inch (can't remember exactly) It is about two dollars.

I will insulate inside with ceramic wool and refractory cement. For now I am testing with just ceramic wool.

For burner, I have found some stainless pipes that are not much wide.

I searched for parts to produce the burner for this forge but this leads to a complicated burner with too much parts. Therefore I gave it a try and turned some components to make my life simpler.

The part I turned is flexible and allows me to with two different sized pipes.

The hole for the jet is drilled with 0.6 mm. I am using a gas bottle with little capacity and pressure. We call them "picnic" size here. Therefore more than this diameter will not be as functional.

My pipe of choice for the burner is 14 mm. It is more stable when the gas flow is not much.




I have just waited to see that I can heat a bar to yellow. I guess the forge has more potential. I haven't even calibrated the air.

This is how it works:

The burner consists of three parts. a narrow tube for gas input, a larger tube for output and the mid part. After I am satisfied with the tests I will solder gas tube to the mid part.
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