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I Forge Iron

Second piece of cutlery: a machete

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Made this the lazy way! Cut out the shape out of an harrow disk, forge the handle and forge the cutting edge. Sand it a bit, harden in oil, temper in the oven at 200ºC draw to blue the back of the blade. Made the handle out of micarta, epoxy resin + women Lycra spandex tights. To my surprise, after polishing the blade, lots of pitting in the original material despite it looked smooth and showed no signs of corrosion in first place.

blade 33 cm
Total length 49 cm
thickness 4 mm

So far resisted all the abuse I have thrown at it...

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That's pretty darn good! Plow disk does tend to pick up some interesting-looking rust pitting.

There's something manly about gripping a handle made from women's tights. :D

"We're meeeeen, we're men in tight TIGHT tights, we roam through the forest looking for fights!"

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