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I Forge Iron

Did you ever hear of an Anvil shoot ??

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There was a whole hour show of the annual event (I believe it is in NC) this past fall on the Discovery Channel (I think) I do remember watching the show and these guy are serious about it. And I agree with MacBruce, I don't think the even know what a forge, hammer, tongs or anything else blacksmith related is about.

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Anvil shooting caused ABANA to change from chapters to affiliates. A few chapters refused to stop the practice, and since the chapters were insured through ABANA, they disavowed themselves from the chapters. Affiliates are only loosely associated with the organization.

Yes, an individual who was involved with anvil shooting did remove some fingers while setting up a shoot. I have not heard much about him shooting anvils since.

The only anvil shooting that takes place in my museum is people shooting pictures of the collection.

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Let me see, you put an indeterminent amount of explosive, black powder, under a large hunk of steel on undetermined structural integrity and set it off, what could possibly go wrong? Remember it is not the thousand times everything goes right that is going to cause you grief, it is the one time everything goes wrong.

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