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Dr. Seuss anvil

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About 1960 (?), Dick Cropper of Chatsworth, California, went to Japan with this anvil design along with his horseshoe patterns and horseshoe tool patterns. His company was called Multi-Product, and he was the first in the U.S. to sell Japanese made shoes. Cropper took his design from the Hay-Budden, but he exaggerated or attenuated elements of the anvil. .The heel is quite thin and springy. The waist is tiny. The horn is large. Theses are probably design faults, but if I run across one, I'll try to get in touch with Beth.

"I told you a million times not to exaggerate."

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I bought one back in 1986. it weighed about 125 pounds and rang like nothing I had ever heard before or have since. Took it home used it three times and sold it. The ringing could probably be dampened, but the anvil was just to narrow and the heel was not suitable for the work that I was doing. Even though it didn't really suit my needs, I still sort of hated to see it go because it was a cool anvil .

In retrospect I think that it would be a good anvil if your work included a lot of light forging on/of small stock. An example would be forged jewlry, or small hardware items. For general forging it is hard to beat a more robust anvil.

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i hear what your saying frank, and of course you will undoubtedly be right :) but i still love how it looks - like a cartoon. id have it just to make me smile. anyway - you live too far away! probably just as well.. :)

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