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Any clue on how to make a Tau cross?

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My son's uncle, a Franciscan priest, has asked my son to make some Tau crosses.

The tau is a big symbol with Franciscans. It looks like a capital T.

Any clue on how to make one out of steel?

My first inclination is to make a split cross but not allow the splits to cross, and then trim off the top piece.

Any suggestions, oh wise smiths?


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Looks very similar to Thor's hammer.

How you make it could depend on the finished size,

You could cut it out from plate

You could do as you suggest with a little bit of forge and file work

You could make it like a tenon and use a couple of round bars as suitable swages to give the undercuts, with a round fuller of suitable radius to form the top curve on the T, forge to spread and trim as necessary for the lower bit

Looks a nice little challenge. Lets see pics when you have it done.

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How big? I might suggest a different method for a 4" cross, an 8" cross and an 80" cross?

Taking a piece of 1/4" thick by 2" wide and slicing and bending out and forging the arms into shape does come to mind as does just hot cutting it out of 1/8" thick plate.

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I was thinking of using a hot cut to make a couple of cuts in a sheet and then draw the two arms and leg out so that they are some what equal in length and shape. Or like Ten Hammers suggested just do a forge weld. And if you didn't want to do that of course you could just do a lost wax project and cast them up in silver, brass, bronze, gold, iron, pewter or any other metal you can think of.
I also looked it up here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_of_Tau

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