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22" Dia. Easter Egg !


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I know, I sure get some odd jobs. Keeps it interesting. A few years back I had a lady contact me that does Pysanky. That's Ukranian egg decorating. She does beautiful work! Her house is full of all kinds and designs of eggs. As she is from the Ukrane many are historical designs and some are her creations. She needed an egg about 22" in circumference to use as a sign and possible for a lamp for her Pysanky museum. She had chosen several designs that she thought would work and we agreed on this historical based design. So now to figure how to create it. As it was also to be used as a lamp it needed an open design. Then how was I going to form this large an item and keep both sides the same shape. As I do most of my designing using AutoCad it made it relatively easy to come up with a form to hammer it into and a form to work it over to create the area that attached to the two halves. I designed what was required and had everything laser cut out. As they weren't forms that could be used for anything else the client paid for those up front. These forms were cut out of 3/8" thick steel plate. The egg designs were cut out of 3/16" steel plate.


Then it was a matter of heating the egg design and hammering it into the open form. The sides were done opposite each other so not to interfere in the front appearance. They echoed each other. Then they were clamped to the external form. I had openings in this form design for the clamps. Then I drew diamonds between the two halves and welded them on to create the finished egg. The stand was modeled off of egg stands and was made of pipe and tubing. When she first came over to see the finished egg she wanted painted in the colors of her actual eggs. Once I saw it in white I thought that would make a better statement and after a couple of weeks pondering this she finally agreed. So another design, another problem of how to create solved and another happy client.



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