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Little Samson Trip Hammer

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We are reworking a Little Samson Trip Hammer that my dad had in his blacksmith shop. I cannot find any information on the internet on this hammer. Anyone out there know anything about these hammers or know where I can find information on them? I found a newspaper ad from 1904 and it looked identical to the one we are rebuilding.

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Douglas Freund in his book "Pounding Out the Profits" devotes one paragraph to the Little Sampson (note different spelling). He says it appeared in 1907. Basically, it appears to be a copy of the Little Giant with a hole through the vertical portion of the "C" frame. Made by Coleman Iron Works of Elmira NY. Nothing on a hammer spelled like yours. Can you post some pics? Does yours have a leaf or a coil spring? I found this pic on eBay and the title also says 1904.


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Thanks Iron Falcon 72. Typo on my part. That is my hammer. Identical. I too found that picture on ebay, but that is the only thing I can find. I have some pictures and will post soon. We have the hammer torn apart right now. The top shaft had a lot of wear in it. We are currently turning a new shaft and will repour the bearings once complete with the shaft. My dad is 94 and knows the history of the hammer. He bought it from an older blacksmith around 1940. Made working plow points and bushhog blades a lot easier. Thanks for the help.
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