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Canedy Otto Blower, or what looks like a Canedy Otto

Jeff Lodge

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I've picked up a blower which I thought was a Canedy Otto, but it doesn't have any of the normal markings, just part numbers cast into the fan housing

The inner housing is listed as C 997 and the outer housing is C 996. I've searched a bit on this blower and haven't found much. Just wondering if anyone has seen a blower of this type before. I am guessing it was manufactured by Canedy Otto for another company due to the fact it looks just like my smaller Royal Western Chief blower.




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I've run across the same mystery. I have three similar blowers w/gear boxes. One is marked with the same numbers as yours and came mounted on a 4 legged pipe stand with TIGER lettering on the stand I also have a Cannedy Otto on a tapered, cast iron, vertical stand with a circular base. Another one appears like the Cannedy Otto, but it has no raised lettering on the fan case. I suspect that my two odd ones were made by C.O., for sales through other outlets.

P.S. Graduate of E. Lansing High.

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