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new old anvil for the shop

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well today i finally after much phone tag met up with a man who had a anvil for sale that had been living in garage behind a water heater for a unknown amount of time
Some time spent removing quite a bit of dirt and rust and i am still stumped as to who made it most of the makers mark on the side has rusted off or was never stuck very deep it dose have a 2 2 under the horn to with a 2 to each side of the handling hole there
as well the serial number looks to be 134665
it dose appear to have a weld line between the base and the body of the anvil
besides from the fact that it is a farrier pattern anvil i am very happy with it only a sight dish in the face and over all its in good shape
and the rebound makes my fisher seem like its asleep
well i have my fingers crossed as to a name and age
thanks all for taking a look

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fantastic that was my hope but i did not want to bias peoples opinions
now i am thinking i need to get my butt in gear and get a stand fabricated for it
the best part is i just got a call from a local museum that is putting on a hammer in this coming Saturday and they are in need of more anvils and tools for the event so now i am set i have a 2 anvils and a old mutt(cast steel 40lb or so but a dog of a anvil to start with that is perfect for those still in a hit or miss stage of smithing)

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yup its there i admit i just got sick of resizing photos so that the sight would let me upload them
after i get a bite to eat i am going to go out and see if i can fight a weight on it or if it will have to wait till my next checkup and i will sneak it in onto one of the scales in the examining rooms lol

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i am looking forward to having 2 anvils so i can set one up with tooling on it and save some time on swapping things out as i work as well the horn is kind of intriguing shape wise very different from the blacksmith anvils i have used
as well now i am trying to nerve myself into cutting my fisher out of its stand and seeing about milling the bottom flat

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well i got a treat yesterday my brother dropped by for a visit and cam out to see what i was doing in the shop and i got him set up on my fisher while i was on my HB and walked him through punching and drifting a the basics of making his own rr spike bottle opener
(this was his first time on a anvil and it flat out made my day)
it was so much easer to walk him through making it with out having to swap spots at the anvil
and in the end it was not the pettiest thing ever made on a anvil but it works like a charm and he was happy as can been and i am hoping to get him back in the shop a few more times (think mini striker) he is about half of me but he is scrappy

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