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I recently heard that industry metalworkers, on their lunchbreaks would make small toys for their families purely out of building layers of mig wire.

I've been trying it myself and have made a few coil pots but can't find any images or information about the history.

Does anyone know anywhere I may be able to kickstart my research.

Many thanks,


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No pictures, But I used to have a welding engineer who would make realistic looking fish wall plates, using puddles for scales etc, different filler rods for different colours and shading, absolutely beautiful, wish I had pictures for you

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I once made a small box about 1 1/4 cube out of aluminum tig welds. It had a swinging lid made of weld and also the pivot. All pure welding with no drilling or other operations. If I can find it I will show pics. Been about 20 years now.

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