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Making Holdfasts

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Hi I live in SWFL and am interested in getting a set of holdfasts for my woodworking bench. I can't find a local smith in my area so I I was curious if anyone here could make them? Obviously I know it is probably within you skill sets since it is basicly a curved wire.

I would like to know how long and how much?


This is link to what i am looking for.


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Please can you share what country your SWFL is in? This is a world wide forum and I'd bet that SWFL could be applied to several countries.

If you are in America there is a listing of many of the blacksmithing groups. You might try the local one and ask about a local smith---makes shipping and possible tweaks or repairs a lot cheaper!

www.abana-chapter.com is one such listing

(Even in America we can run into trouble; for example Las Vegas NM is quite different from Las Vegas Nevada, and San Antonio NM is even more different than San Antonio Texas---a hotel chain put up a billboard stating that they had 5 hotels in San Antonio---they posted this about 15 miles north of San Antonio NM, population around 700! We got a laugh from it)

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Is there some reason you don't buy some? I don't know that someone making a few would be able to make them cheaper than what you could buy some from a woodworking supply store (even if online).

On one woodworking forum I read there was a diagram showing angles and sizes to get such hold fasts to work right, I may be able to find it again if you're interested. If you don't get close on lengths and angles they don't work well (if at all).


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The Florida Artist Blacksmith Association (FABA) meets every weekend (almost year around) somewhere in Fla. You are close enough to drive to the SW chapter. If you can make it, you can watch your project from start to finish.

Here is our website: http://www.blacksmithing.org/ and here is the location for the next meeting:

SW 24 - Bethany Allen-Ford and Patrick Ford’s forge, 5352 Wauchula
Road, Myakka, FL 34251 (941) 322-2422

I drive down to visit the Ford's forge when I can, great folks and if you ask nicely, I am betting someone would make what you need as a demo. If you cannot make it to a meeting, contact me and I will find someone willing to make your project.


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I made a couple for a woodworker. Post would kill from here though,
If a bender was handy, You could simply bend them up and weld a foot on.
Can't remember the optimal angle, 87? 82 deg or something, have to browse my book for the sketches and angles.

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