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Peter Wright

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one of the ways to get an approximate date is to look at the markings. Can you post a picture? In Postman's Anvils in America, he lists the dates of manufacture for various markings on the Peter Wrights. For example if all it has on the side are the words "Peter Wright" and "Patented" and the hundred weight markings, it was manufactured from 1852-1860.

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No side by side. Getting good steel was rather a pain in the old days and so anvils had the face composed of sections of high carbon steel forge welded on side by side over the wrought iron bodys. When they were able to get a good large slab of steel for the faces that became a selling point and was advertised!

Some old anvils may have 3 or 4 piece faces and unfortunately sometimes the weld lines preferentially wear or even worse if a face piece weld lines up with the body weld for the heel they are more prone to having the heel break off under heavy use/abuse.

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Well after reading all of these anvil topics I decided that maybe this one would fit. I have a PW and have had it for 40 years. Always figures it weighed about 120 lbs.
after all the dicissions I put it on a scale and got 102.6 lns. The markiings are 0-3-20. Has wrought in a circle. Paid 40 bucks for it in the early 70s. Used iit for horseshoeing so it was right size to carry in and out of truck 6- 8 times a day. May have to get a bigger one now.

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