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It must be true. I have been cruising craigslist for a while now looking for a good deel on a post vise. Saturday night i put vise in the c-list search box and one of the results stated "vise $30" i usually skip over these because it generally not what im looking for.so i checked it out and it was a bad pic of a rusty moss coated post vise with a bunch of other metal hanging off it stating it was 2' long . I made the call and the man said it was part of a deal he got at an estate sale and he had to cut the the tree down it was attached to to get it free. he said it was rusted closed and could not open it. so needless to say my son Eli and I drove the 50 miles to get it. it looked pretty good when we got there light rust and complete. got it home and hit the handle with the palm of my hand and the jaws broke free and revealed the grease packed threads.cleaned it up and it turns out to be a 6" Iron City :) Did i mention $30!! We cant wait to get her mounted and put to work.

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I've gotten more good deals off of cruddy pictures and lousy descriptions on CL than almost any other method. Sideways pics, upside down pics, "blacksmiht", "fourge" etc. A tool collecting buddy of mine always says 'its all about pattern recognition'

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