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I thought I'd begin by saying thanks. I've learned tons from this site from reading. I've been working with metal for several years and have decided to try blacksmithing. I'm in no rush due to low funds but I'm building a box bellows and a forge and will use my tax refund to buy an anvil. I'm hoping to be able to make some coat hooks that will hold heavy coats since the fancy store bought ones broke under the weight of a leather jacket. My list of projects is quite long at this point and I have this site to thank for some of them after seeing the great items and pictures of the coolest things. I hope I can learn to make something worth posting some day in the future. For now I just want to thank everyone who posts because I have learned a ton and already headed off some mistakes I would have made had I not read for hours on this site. Thanks and here's an ever expanding list of what I want to make.

Coal rake, Coal shovel, Coat Hooks, Paring Knife from broken punch or air hammer tool, TP Holder, Back of door towel rack, Grill Turner/scraper, Elevated dog bowel holder, Fire ring or outdoor fireplace, Airedale Head for decoration, Candle Holder with heart, Plant holders/hangers, Spatula, Butter/spreading knife, Flint striker Boot scraper with scrub brushes, Deer head, Fire poker

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