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I just spent the last two weeks watching Clifton Ralph and Dave Manzer’s RIP DVD’s on power hammer tooling and techniques. Both these videos are well worth the money and time.
The Clifton video is a low quality production and not professionally shot but the quality and quantity of information is so valuable you can forget about it not being pretty. I’m sure I could watch Mr. Ralphs work for the next couple years and still pick up information, besides he’s very entertaining and a kick to watch. Kind of like watching a grizzly peel the top off your car, to get at your fried chicken and give you that convertible you always wanted.

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There is really no one better than Clifton Ralph at power hammer tooling and technique who is active in the blacksmithing community currently. I bought his video a few years ago it is hard to watch because of poor quality but it is a gold mine of information. Even the most seasoned smith could learn a thing or two from him. Not enough people are aware of his skill and encyclopedic knowledge of power forging. He is as skilled any smith alive today.

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My Clifton vhs tapes languish on the shelf like the unreadable dinosaurs that they are.  When I tried to have them converted by a local place they told me they were too degraded to make a good copy.  I too would like to know where to buy a newer format.  Please pm me if anyone knows since IFI isn't keen on spreading this particular type of information.  

There do seem to be a number of ABANA affiliates that you can rent the dvds from, but not mine.  

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