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I Forge Iron

First attempt.

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Dont scorn me to much hehe, this is a total experiment of trying to figure out how to make an axe without any piror knowledge into proper axe making technique, much like my budding smithing skills. Its a RR spike, with a piece of douglas fir that i am using temporarily until i get a piece of something better. After a very careful and timid test the head was imediately loose so i tried to drive a nail in there but i went over board and hit it to hard and slightly split this crappy wood. So it now has a wedge of metal in it with some hemp rope reinforcing to make it look primal. But i do enjoy making axes so i think ill do some research next time. Enjoy.

Before and after pics of failure.



sorry bit blurry.


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Thnx for the feedback. I have considered that with this hawk but the eye is too narrow and my handle would be just as narrow. I think i will implement that into my next RR hawk. Also what about the thickness of the eye? would it help stability if it was was wider? im talking about the lenth of the eye, the part that steel and wood meet.

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Weldome aboard nerdsmith, glad to have ya.

By wider Thomas means running down the haft, not a wider eye looking from the top/bottom. Internal shape will help but I'll let the more experienced explain.

It is a nicely refined piece of work, well done and nicely finished. The shape isn't so much to my liking but that isn't important. I'm also not a fan of RR spikes as blades without bits, they ARE good practice though so I don't scorn the things.

I certainly look forward to seeing more of your work.

Oh yeah, it isn't a requirement in any way but if you were to let us know your name, nickname, etc. we'd probably stop calling you "Nerdsmith." Probably, no guarantees. <wink>

Frosty The Lucky

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