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So this may or may not be interesting

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Well I've posted this same damascus piece before.

However I tried some experimenting on it and I created a result that I think is pretty cool. I sanded the etched damascus up to 600g and polished it on my buffer. I then etched it quite dramatically for 5 hours in a 1:3 ratio Furric/Water mix. I cleaned it all off and then sanded, and buffed the blade again and was left with this! Some of you may like it, some of you may hate it. I certainly think it has character :D




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Yup, that much topo moves it from a using knife to an art knife for me.

How about one where you make the blade and handle slabs from the same billet and do the topo for the handle slabs and a using etch on the blade? I think that would be neat...

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