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My first successfull Pattern Welded Blade


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Here is my first successfull pattern welded blade.It will be going to my Dad for his birthday. The blade is 3.5" long with an overall length of 7.5". Its made of 1084 and 15N20 in what i guess would be considered a random pattern. I started with 9 layers and forge welded them together then welded another 5 layer billet(already forge welded together) to the 9 layer billet to equal 14 layers. I then drew the 14 layer billet out, cut it in half and welded it together for 28 layers. I repeated the process once more to give a final count of 56 layers. As this is my first successfull attempt i didnt want to push my luck any further so i decided to stop at 56 layers. I then forged the billet to a rectagular shape and grinded X's down the billet with one final straight grind line through the X's to make a sort of repeating star pattern down the billet on both sides. After that i forged the peaks down flush then began to forge the knife to shape.
One of a few things i'll do differently next time is to start out with a longer billet as i started with small 4" cuts to make my initial two (the 9 and the 5 layer) billets. This proved to be just barely enough material to make the knife the full length i had planned to make it as i lost material each time i cut, grinded and restacked the billet throughout the process. I think i'll go with a 6" billet to start with next time. Unless of course i plan to make a much larger knife.
After the forging process was completed i normalized the knife, file my bevels to shape and sanded any remaining forge markings out of the blade. I attempted an oil quench first without success so i went to a brine solution which did the trick. After tempering the blade in the oven for 2 hrs at 300 deg F, I gradually sanded the knife down to 600g and etched in pcb etchant until i got the level of topography i wanted. The attached pics show where i have stopped in order to ask you fellas a question. I ordered a small black parkerizing kit and am currently awaiting its arrival in the mail. My question is..... If i decide to parkerize this blade, How deep of an etch do i need or does it matter much? Does anyone advise against parkerizing this blade and why? I've seen pattern welded blade that have been parkerized then polished to make the nickel really stand out and i like the look alot. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance and please let me know what yall think of the blade so far. Ohh and I'll be putting a black buffalo horn handle on this one. More pics to come.
I would also like to thank Dr. Jim Hrisoulas for putting out his great books. I have The Complete Bladesmith and its been a world of help. I also recently ordered The Pattern Welded Blade and am currently awaiting its arrival. Cant wait!



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Thanks for the kind words guys.

Robakyo- Shamrocks is the first thing i thought of when i pulled it out of the etchant as well. Wasnt on purpose but now i know how to maybe make a more distinct shamrock pattern if i choose.

Woodyarmourer- ive made several knives and have attempted to make damascus before with varying degrees of success. This is just the first time i was successful enough that i could forge the billet out without so much delamintion that it ruined the whole billet. Its all trial and error but im getting better.

Anyone have any ideas about the parkerizing question???
Thanks again for looking!

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Beautiful pattern welding!!
Personally, I think parkerizing would defeat the purpose of etching the pattern. IMHO it would be like spray painting over chrome. In my experience parkerizing leaves a dull gray very matte finish. E. G. They parkerized the military issue 1911a1s, as well as Marine Kabars. Its just a dull dark gray to even charcoal gray.

My 2 cents :)


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Thanks Dodge. Thats just the kind of input i was looking for. I really like the way this pattern turned out and wouldnt want to mess it up or cause myself more work if it isnt worth it. I'll practice a bit with the parkerizing process and maybe try it on a small designated piece to see what i think later on. Thanks again for the input.


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