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spring fullers and swages


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when making a spring fuller or swage what size of strap is best and is mild steel ok to use?

example: i want to make a spring swage for making the 3/16 tenon on the end of my 3/8 stock rose stems will 1" or 1 1/4" x 1/8" strap be ok for the spring

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I use tire irons for my fullers with part flattened out for spring effect. Either weld on a piece of square stock to fit hardy hole OR square up the end of the tire iron to fit hardy hole.. cheap trick that works great. I use tire irons for Zillions of things: Punches,knives,tongs.......buy em' at yard sales for .50 cents...

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I'd be tempted to hand hammer a square tenon on the end with edge to edge blows for the shoulder. Then, monkey it up. The square hole monkey can be arc welded of flat and/or square M.S. The idea of the square tenon is to keep the the petals from ever twisting after assembly.

my wandering about a spring swage for tenons is because i have about 55 roses to make for a client. so i thought it might speed up the making of the rose stems. but i do like the info on using a square tenon.
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