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I Forge Iron

Hello from Buckingham England


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I got into smithing to make some wood lathe tools and axe heads, but it's become more of a hobby now. I made a forced air gas forge out of an old gas bottle and a hair dryer, got a small cheap anvil and two old leg vices from ebay and started to make some tools as they are so expensive. So far I have made 3 pairs of tongs, some punches and chisels and a very crude hammer head with an off centre hole... oh well its all practice.
I've also tried 3 or 4 knives out of old files and leaf spring, one snapped because it was too hard..... oops!!! I'll keep on trying and learning from my mistakes, and the good tips and info on 'i forge iron'
Thank you all for the information so far ! :)

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Welcome aboard Woodsmith, glad to have ya!

I can't count how many blacksmiths got started because they wanted to make their own wood working tools. You are in SUCH good company!

I'm just going to reinforce John's advise, join a local smithing group, you'll learn so much faster with someone to show you the tricks and correct mistakes. If your main aim will be making knives and chisels check out IFI's knife making section. You probably only got the heat treat wrong and that's not hard to correct.

Frosty the Lucky.

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