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I suppose these are "tools"

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I have thought for a while that a tool stand for different working stations would be a handy asset. I am constantly dropping tools, knocking things off, looking for things, etc etc, because I do not have a place to put them next to work stations.
For some time now, my steel supplier has had some 3/16 plates, shear cut into 19-inch circles, for 25 cents per pound. They just got some round tubing in the other day that is PERFECT for legs, so I purchased enough material to make two stands. It took me about a half a day to make them. I've only used them for a couple of hours today, but they are VERY VERY handy.




I also decided to convert the two old tool boxes from my old demo trailer into one large tool box to hold flammables, finishes, taps, rivets, etc. It turned out to be really more work than it was worth. However, for an imediate investment of about $20, I welded the old boxes together, put a new steel back on them, and one shelf in each box, along with sturdy angle-iron legs. The entire unit is ugly but serviceable. I cut off the old door hinges because they looked AWEFUL, and made some new ones. The entire box unit measures
30-inches tall and 36-inches wide. With the legs, it stands 54-inches tall.


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Definitely tools! You might scrounge some sq tubing bits to weld around the outside of one of those to hold all the hardy tooling!

I used to have access to an ornamental iron company's scrap bin and they would stack up 20+ pieces and tack weld the ends together and then use their large bandsaw to cut them all at once leaving as "throw outs" the sq tubing or pipe all cut to the same length and really handy for making tool holders from.

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I bet a few of the knights of old wish they were wearing 3/16-inch helms!
My steel yard also has some of those square cuts. My hardy tooling fits in the smaller round just fine, although I need them spaced farther apart as the hardy tooling is more bulky. The positioning was completely guess work.

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I really like the stand, Dave!! I need something similar. 5 gallon plastic buckets just don't cut it LOL. The cabinet is great too. Reminds me of a lot of "personal" tool cabinets guys used to build around the manufacturing plant I worked at :)

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Love the tool stand, i've been looking at those metal trolleys mechanics have, but they;'re quite expensive for what they are.

Come over and pick these up! LOL

I wish I knew where my steel supplier got these, or what they came off of.

Wayne: did you get those from Sandusky? Or do you have another supplier that has them?
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Yup, I make the trip a couple of times a year and the next time we have several dry 60 degree days in a row (I'm not going to go over there in the cold, in huge metal buildings, with tons and tons of steel heat sinink) it is time for another trip. If we can meet up I will show you one of the bowls.

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