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Matthew Paul

1084 Heat treat question

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Simple answer which I think is correct:

Quenching a knife made from 1084 in water is a bad Idea.

Definitely. I use 1084 a lot in my shop and water is bad for it for typical blade dimensions. Personally, and I'm not recommending this (ie you should buy a proper quench oil) I'm using a mineral oil based hydraulic fluid, which is nasty and dangerous because of the potential fumes so for god sake dont do it. :) Of course my quench tank has a manual fire retarder built onto it so if theres any issue the flame can be extinguished quickly and without danger. But you should probably look into parks 50 or the like which is meant for this application. That being said, when I had my small shop I had a 4" black iron pipe welded on a base. At the top I put a hinged flipper style lid (mimicking the tuyer under my forge), a weight to hold it closed and be used as a handle. I just used mineral oil from the local tractor supply store. Worked very well.

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Do I need to heat the quench oil?   If so what temp?   I now have in my possession mcmaster carr fast 11 second quench.  


Somewhat unrelated...


Though the gallon jug does not say that exactly...???    :unsure:   That was a bit annoying.  Though the delivery from McMaster was quick.  


I also ordered some stainless and brass Rods from them.   Came in a huge box with all sorts of packing.  NO damage!


Incidently I did not get shipping charges til later.   They were on the highish side.   BUt that is kinda how that goes online...   Sounds like they have a ton of stuff and if yu want it then order and they bill for shipping when they figure it out.   So far I am good with what I got from them.   I think I ordered on Friday and got it today (Tuesday)   Not bad.   Two gallons of quench and six 2 foot 1/4" stainless/Brass rods.

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