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I Forge Iron

5th anual forge in at Bushfire Forge. May 18th 19th 20th

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I am pleased to announce my 5 annual forge in.
This time I am changing the format a little and the theme will be solely smelting, Making iron and steel.
Over the weekend there will be multiple smelts of different kinds so we can compare and contrast methods and ideas.

3 days:- 4 or 5 smelts and material processing everybody will get stuck in. Probably post-mortem talks and other lectures .

I have asked a few people to demonstrate and so far I have for sure Lee Sauder from America and Tim young from UK , Niko Hynninen (Finland) and myself will run another. I have other people in the pipeline.........

I am changing the format from previous years in that I am NOT opening up the forge for general forging as it will be far too chaotic with smelts going on . sorry chaps .

There will be fires in the evening eating and being merry .
I will be charging a fee to cover the costs of the event (flights fuel furnace materials etc).
I will cook food (slow cooked beef brisket ) sat night . more to be announced . chats and beer around the fire in the evenings.

Just to repeat . I am not opening up the school for general forging as the smelts will dominate all the space and I want us to concentrate on that.

Also I wrote this in my previous forge ins intro (but not last year). we are gathering and getting drunk which is cool. If you are not a pleasant drunk don't drink!. These gatherings are a great mix of people interacting and sharing and talkin shite (If you have not witnessed blade-smiths around the fire you have not lived , its a cross between mad max and womans hour!!)

Anyhow if you are interested keep the dates free more to come soon.

I am going to be charging a fee of £85 per person for this event this covers the smelting material and fuel expenses. I do not make profit on the forge ins. however if I look at them with rose coloured spectacles( and use some cross forge in accounting) I sometimes cover their costs!!

I will post more info here as It comes in. All the best owen

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london UK.
I have so far had people attend the forge ins from ... Canada, France, the USA , Holland, Italy, Sweden, switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Wales, Scotland. Norway (and other places too!)
there are of course many people from England! Its a truly international event .
one of the advantages of it being a niche event based around swordsmithing in this case I have narrowed the niche a little more!!

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