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Little video, making a leaf :)

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I really enjoyed that tutorial. The music over the top was a good touch instead of the hammer on anvil sounds we all know so well. Personally I would have liked your written comments to be more common. You put them in and they were really good then there were whole sections with no comments which would have improved the presentation.

Good show :)

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You know, you mention in the video (or write, I suppose) that you usually flatten out the leaf first before drawing. I do the same thing. But looking at how it works, I might start drawing first. I don't have a good set of bit tongs, and I'm always frustrated by the leaf turning in the jaws. Until I get good at making tongs, it might be just as effective to flatten after taper.

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From the size stock he's using, it probably doesn't fit in a pocket. Probably fits just fine in a purse, though....

Thanks for the clarification on the flattening sequence. Even if you made a mistake in your wording, I'm glad you did. I think it will improve my own leaf-making. My wife will be very happy about that.

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