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greetings everbody im going to be making a trip to the scrap yard this summer here in MN and im going to look for somethings to make a new forge anyone got any ideas as to what i should look for for the firepot, the table and the tool holders. if anyone could give me some pictures to give me an idea it would be greatly apreiciated. :rolleyes: :D

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Mine is shown below. I admit I'm probably as much (if not more) of a noob as you are, but I was about 4 months ago where you are now, so maybe being closer to the beginning I can help at least a little bit. Take a look at the 55 forge plans. That will probably be my next forge. I just need to find a 55 gal drum for cheap. I pretty much have everything already in parts from my current one.

Be creative. You need something to put fire in, something for it to sit on, a way for air to get into the fire, something to provide some air. I used a brake drum from Pic a Part for the fire pot, the cooking compartment from a microwave for the stand, some pipe from Ace Hardware, and a blow dryer from the Goodwill. Total expenditure: about $35. It isn't pretty (my 11 yr old son calls it the ghetto forge), but it works well enough for where I'm at right now. The one thing I want to change is take the box off the right end that I'm using to park my coal reserve and replace it with a rimmed table top sort of set up. I've got a lid from a dead washing machine a friend gave me that I'm going to turn into the table top part.

Hope this helps.


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